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SUWADA Open Factory


Factory Shop 10:00–18:00, open 7 days a week (Closed during the year-end and New Year holidays)
Open Factory 10:10–12:10 and 13:00–17:00 (break time: 12:10–13:00 and 15:00–15:10), Tuesday–Saturday
(Our production facilities are not in operation on Sundays, Mondays, national holidays and during the year-end and New Year holidays.)


Factory What you will see is the day-to-day operations of our plant. Depending on the volume of demand and our production schedule, some machinery and/or processes may not be in operation.
The forging of materials normally occurs in the afternoon. If you want to see the forging process, please visit us during the afternoon hours of 13:00–17:00. (Subject to change without notice.)
For safety purposes, you may only visit areas that are part of the factory tour.
Photography You may take photographs inside the factory, but please refrain from using a flash because it could distract our workers and result in an accident.
Restrooms The restrooms open to the public are also used by our employees. Be attentive because parts of the tour route are also used by carts. Do not run on the tour route and do not apply strong force to the exhibits and the like.
Smoking For the sake of fire prevention, smoking is not permitted in the factory buildings or the external passageways. Smoking is only permitted on the porch outside the factory shop.
General Please comply with all safety and other notices posted in the factory buildings.
We hope you will enjoy the factory tour while exercising due care.