Gardening and Bonsai Tools

SUWADA started producing bonsai tools around 50 years ago with only one type of branch cutter. Responding to the diverse needs of bonsai fans, we have extended our range of cutters, pliers, and secateurs and today we make more than 60 different types. All of our bonsai and gardening tools, from standard branch cutters to special scissors to trim large bonsai trees, are hand finished by our craftspeople. Our bonsai and gardening tools have achieved a high reputation among bonsai fans the world over.

Gardening and Bonsai Tools
Gardening and Bonsai Tools
Gardening and Bonsai Tools
Gardening and Bonsai Tools


Branch Cutter A must-have item for taking care of bonsai, the branch cutter is used to cut branches at the trunk. Because this tool cuts the branch by gouging its base, it curbs the development of a knob at the point of the cut. It is also best suited to cutting the centre limb of a triple-fork branch. This cutter can also be used to prune garden trees.
Knob Cutter The knob cutter is used to remove knobs that develop on the trunks and branches of bonsai. Because the point where the cut is made is cleanly gouged, using this tool accelerates the reproduction of bark while completely removing knobs. The cutter’s characteristic concave blades are an original SUWADA design.
Root Cutter The root cutter is used to cut thick roots, trunks, and branches that ordinary scissors cannot deal with. Its plier-style blades make it easy to cut thick roots without clearing away the soil during naturalisation and repotting.
Trunk Splitter Used mainly for pine trees and other large bonsai, this trunk splitter is suitable for splitting and bending thick branches and trunks, as well as for creating partially withered jins*. To enable splitting and sever fibre without damaging the vascular bundle, this tool has no blades. It can also be used to trim the branches of trees that produce edible fruit and nuts.
Wire Cutter The wire cutter is used to cut aluminium or copper wire wrapped around a branch. When removing the wire from the branch you need to cut it at several points. This specially designed cutter’s sharp blades make it easier to get in and grab the wire. Its uniquely shaped head is designed to cause no damage to bark or branch.
Pincers Pincers are used to twist and wind wire around branches or to remove wire from branches. Their precisely aligned tips are suitable for fine work, such as rolling wire into a tiny ball.
Jin Pliers These pliers are used to create jins*. A jin can be created by pinching and squeezing a branch and lifting and removing the bark from the branch. These pliers have a unique slanted beak-like head that is suitable for peeling off bark.

*Jin: a skeletonised part of a bonsai is called a jin. It is a bonsai deadwood technique used on branches or the tops of trunks. Jin are created in nature when wind, lightning, or other events kill the trunk or a branch further down the tree. Artificially creating such withered parts on a bonsai generates a sense of dignity and is considered one of the appeals of bonsai.
Tweezers Tweezers are suitable for attaching moss or nipping an unwanted bud. They are also useful for pulling up weeds or loosening roots. Each of our tweezers undergoes a quenching process to give them a solid finish. There is no gap between the tips, so the tweezers can grip even tiny items.
Pumpkin Stem Pruners These pruners remove the hard stems on pumpkins to make harvesting easier. The large spoon-shaped blades have been enhanced by a special heat treatment and can cut out the thick, hard stem without damaging the pumpkin. This tool can also be used to cut the roots of garlic during harvesting.
Stainless Series In our quest to deliver even more user-friendly tools for gardening fans, we created the SUWADA Stainless Series. Using high-carbon stainless steel, like that employed for custom-made knives, every item is carefully handcrafted by our skilled artisans to deliver both outstanding cutting performance and anticorrosion properties. Enjoy the rich, comfortable fit in your hand, which is a hallmark of top-quality scissors.
Bonsai Scissors These multipurpose scissors are used to shape thin branches of bonsai and potted plants, as well as to trim leaves and buds. Smaller and lighter than the Okubo Shears, they put less strain on the hand and are easy to use.
Satsuki Scissors Designed for nipping buds and flowers that have finished blooming, these scissors also come in handy when pruning thin branches of small bonsai and potted plants. Their long, slim design makes them suitable for detail work in inner areas or crowded spaces.
Ikenobo Scissors Designed for ikebana, traditional Japanese flower arrangement, these scissors are an ideal tool for pruning fresh flowers and branches, as well as for making flower arrangements, because their sharp polished blades will not damage fibres, so flowers can absorb water well and be appreciated for a long time.
Long-Handle Bonsai Scissors These multipurpose scissors can be used to shape thin branches of bonsai and potted plants, as well as to trim leaves and buds. Longer than ordinary scissors, they make it easy to cut in areas deep inside plants.